The ultimate Mother’s Day Gift from Saus.Guru

The ultimate Mother’s Day gift from Saus.Guru

The story of Saus.Guru 

It all started back in 2015. Two professional Dutch chefs, both having earned their stripes within the culinary business, jumped into a new adventure by starting a small batch sauce producing company. Their goal was to bring new and big flavors to the market using both conventional and unconventional ingredients. These are based on their extensive experience in high-end cooking and the cultural influences brought back from their many faraway & exotic travel adventures. This led them to create the most mouth-watering, tongue-tingling taste combinations not seen before. After a few months, a variety of sauces started to come out of their kitchen. From this moment, Saus.Guru was born. Rapidly growing in just a few years the brand currently carries a 50+ counting product collection and serves over 1400 selling points in 11 countries serving retail, food-service and industrial clients.


Partnership between Saus.Guru and United Brands Group

At the beginning of 2019, UBG participated at the Horecava which is the largest catering trade fair in The Netherlands. It is also the perfect place for professionals to connect online and offline in the world of eating, drinking, and sleeping outside. It was this place that connected us to Saus.Guru. We were planning on launching our very own BBQ sauce and were still in search for a producing company. It was a very difficult search to match a producing company to our company that could rollout our exact ideas and values. Saus.Guru on the other hand was looking for some serious back-up towards sales. It felt like the perfect match where one could really complement the other and around. Today, two years later, we can proudly say we are still official distributor of the product range and celebrated some great successes together, like the barbecue & gourmet campaign at Delhaize last year, and some serious upcoming promos in European retail for 2021. and united brands group partnerships

Giftpack Mother’s Day 

In a few weeks we celebrate Mother’s Day, a special day for all the mothers around the globe. A wise man once said, “happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give”. We would like to make this very easy for you. Therefore, we came up with a unique gift in collaboration with Saus.Guru.

We came up with 3 different themed BBQ sauce giftpacks. Each theme consists of two different giftpacks and each box contains 3 different flavors. The first theme is a variety of sauces from the Essentials line, the second theme is a variety of the Gourmet Cuisine sauces en the last theme consists of a variety of Asian Collection sauces.

Do you also want to support us in giving some extra love to the mother of your children, your mothers, the mothers of their mothers and their mothers, or to anyone who you think deserves some extra love?

Please contact your Account Manager for more information, MOQs and prices. It is only a few days left till Mother’s Day.