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Business with a smile!

We’re United Brands Group and we serve 2 types of customers. UBG Promotional designs, manufactures and distributes customized barrels with a variety of purposes. UBG Retail owns, participates and invests in different outdoor cooking brands.

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BG Promotional works with all sorts of local and global businesses on driving great outcomes by designing, manufacturing and distributing customized barrels for various purposes – from tables to seats and from BBQs to bins. We have become market leader in the supply of commercial drums with our unique way of personalizing steel drums and wooden barrels

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UBG Retail invests in several outdoor cooking brands and distributes these to clients all around the globe. We own and invest in high-quality brands from BarrelQ to DrumGrill and from Fervor to Fornetto. With our current retail client network covering over 30 countries and over 120+ retailers, we have a solid food print in retail on a global scale.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about the environment and our team’s labour conditions. We proudly say that 90% of our products are produced in The Netherlands and mainland Europe. Our business meets the most important industry standards. We are proud to show our quality marks!