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Barrels with a smile!


Check out our different accessories that can be used with our barrels. Designed to make the product even better and make your life easier!

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Chalk barrels

We see them a lot, the chalk sidewalk boards near the entrances of bars, pubs, and restaurants. Everyone knows them, but we cannot say it is still a unique item. We, on the other hand, like uniqueness so we came up with a catchy replacer. Let us introduce to you our chalk barrel! 


An empty POS barrel weighs about 15 kg per piece. Imagine what a fully assembled table, full bin, or barrel sol table weighs. And we also understand that you do not want to lift, also for health reasons sake, the chalk barrel in and out every time when opening or closing your pub or restaurant. So, to take away that burden and to easily move our products around we have the option to add wheels as an accessory to all our products.

Anti-diefstal_oog2 bewerkts

Anti-theft hook

What you see is what you (can) get. And we do not mean for you to go steal our products of course. But as the name of this accessory suggests this is the perfect feature to prevent theft. Especially for locations that are too small to stack the product(s) inside. This accessory is available on all products and for all design options.

Phone charger 

How many hours do you spend on your phone daily? Ever witnessed the stressful fact that your battery was (nearly) empty but you still have half a day to go and attend fewer calls and digital meetings and no charger can be found? What will happen if we tell you we got you here?!

wireless phone charger in table

Heated seat 

Afraid of getting a cold bum? Do not worry any longer. Besides the regular barrel seats with PU- leather cushion we have the option to order your barrel seats with a heated cushion. Not only does it provide wonderful heating underneath your butt, but they are also very energy efficient.

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