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Barrels with a smile!

Prototyping Barrelsol

Barrel Sol 

They can be found on every terrace and you can already see them from far-away. The umbrellas with the most famous brands printed on it. Of course, we could not stay behind with this item and that is why we developed the barrel sol. An umbrella with a weighted barrel as standard. So, you can not only present the brand on the umbrella but at the same time also display a great print on the barrel. Besides, it protects you against the sun, it is also a multifunctional table. That is what we call a win-win-win situation. Can you picture it yet? We do!

Special features


Barrel available in 200L
Umbrella adjustable to size


Barrel available in full colour, RAL colours and black
Umbrella available in full colour or non-branded

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