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Phone charger

How many hours do you spend on your phone daily? Ever witnessed the stressful fact that your battery was (nearly) empty but you still have half a day to go and attend fewer calls and digital meetings and no charger can be found? What will happen if we tell you we got you here?! Besides presenting your brand(s) on our full color tabletops we have the extra option to integrate a phone charger point to the tabletop. This includes one wireless charging point, two usb charger points, nearly 8 days of autonomy for normal use (5-6hours of charging a day) and a four-battery charging station.

Special features

Battery Pack

Unique battery-powered range. Our chargers can be installed on your tables without worry about access to electricity


Wireless charging on your table. 
The guarantee of a reliable and durable charging solution that is certified to the Qi standard by the wireless power consortium.

USB Ports

2 USB ports allow fast charging of phones, tablets, power banks and other mobile devices.


The battery pack is powered by a 15 Ah battery which provides up to 8 days of autonomy depending on its use

Indoor & outdoor

The battery pack has been designed for professional use. Its reinforced case and its IP 65 certification allow it to be used both indoors and outdoors (UV resistant and shock-proof)

Safety and convenience

A magnetic key allows you to unlock the battery and extract it in a jiffy to recharge it. This system enables perfect protection against potential theft.

Charging tray

The charging tray allows 4 batteries to recharge simultaneously in 7 hours. It can be used flat or fixed on a wall. 


We can personalize the black round plate on the wireless antenna. From 150 units we are capable to do a unique branded product.

Example of a phone charger: 


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