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Barrels with a smile!


Check out the different special barrels that we can customize. Perfect for special occasions and events!


Oaked barrels

We are not only the master in branding solutions for items made from steel
and metal. What do you think of our oaked barrels?! Slightly more bulky due
to its shape and weight, but definitely one that should have a place in our
product range.

Ice barrel

An item that should not be missed during the warm season is the ice “bucket” barrel. Unlike our other barrel products, we use a liquid barrel instead. We remove the bottom from the barrel and turn it around, so the ice barrel is open on top and has a drain system via the cap on the bottom.

Full colour barrel sol

Barrel Sol 

They can be found on every terrace and you can already see them from far-away. The umbrellas with the most famous brands printed on it. Of course, we could not stay behind with this item and that is why we developed the barrel sol. An umbrella with a weighted barrel as standard. So, you can not only present the brand on the umbrella but at the same time also display a great print on the barrel.

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